fdt_gen.h File Reference

FDT generation. More...

#include "flute_defines.h"
#include "../alclib/defines.h"
#include "../alclib/utils.h"

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int generate_fdt (char *file_token, char *base_dir, int *s_id, char *fdt_file_name, int complete_fdt, int verbosity)

Detailed Description

FDT generation.

2007/02/28 08:58:01

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Definition in file fdt_gen.h.

Function Documentation

int generate_fdt ( char *  file_token,
char *  base_dir,
int *  s_id,
char *  fdt_file_name,
int  complete_fdt,
int  verbosity 

This function generates an FDT file.

file_token files or directories to be parsed to the FDT
base_dir base directory for files or directories to be parsed to the FDT
s_id session identifier
fdt_file_name file name for the generated FDT
complete_fdt generate complete FDT (0 = no, 1 and 2 = yes)
verbosity verbosity level
0 in success, -1 otherwise

Definition at line 1154 of file fdt_gen.c.

References encode_directory(), encode_file(), get_alc_session(), GF_BITS, MAX_PATH_LENGTH, RS_FEC_ENC_ID, SB_SYS_FEC_ENC_ID, and toi.

Referenced by flute_sender().

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